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Grow your business with Official API or WhatsApp Bulk Marketing & Rest API

At Tech Terminologie,We bring you cutting-edge solutions to supercharge your business growth.Whether you're a small startup or a well established enterprise, our Cloud Based WhatsApp Official API and Bulk Marketing Portal with Rest API are designed to elevate your communication strategies and expand your reach.
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Supercharge Your Sales with WhatsApp Marketing

Tech Terminologie is helping all types of industries. If you can't afford pay per message system, then use our bulk WhatsApp Marketing Cloud Based Portal. For being 100% compliant without getting blocked on WhatsApp, Tech Terminologie has the official API version for registered brands and businesses. Talk to us over discovery call and we will make sure that WhatsApp works for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transform your WhatsApp into a support and sales channel to help your customers discover and purchase your products!

We suggest: For Unknown Contacts Begin by sending 50 messages each day at first, then gradually raise the number of messages to 100/day, 150/day, 200/day, and so on after a few days. Don’t use one WhatsApp account to send more than 1000 messages each day. Send messages to as many as 5000 known contacts each day for known contacts. Note: Although there are no restrictions on the number of messages or accounts you can use with our software, we nevertheless advise against it for safety.

No, you don’t have to save those contact numbers on your phone. Simply create an CSV sheet and upload it inside the WpDashboard bulk Whatsapp Sender contact management feature.

We receive thousands of visitors every day. A large number of visitors ask us to provide phone support which is practically not possible. As a result we provide support through Chat during 10 AM to 18:00 PM IST hours and email support. You can email us on wpdashboard.chittragupt@gmail.com

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